Sunday, September 21, 2008

Early Bloomer

Well The summer is over and I have more time to scrap....just a little bit. I created this page for two different contests. One was a sketch challange and the other was ABC swap .....It was G,H and I. G stands for glitter ( something on your page has to shine...glittery) H stands for heart have to have 1 heart somewhere on your page. Then I means you have to have part of your title start with an I. This one was difficult for me because not only did I have so many stipulations, but I also dont like to create single picture layouts. It feels like a waste of paper if you dont have more than one photo to a layout.


Vicky said...

this is the first time i have actually sit down and read thru your bolg. i love it:) this picture is great, just too funny. i couldn't decide which thing is my favorite tho. i love all your work. glad you post so i can get some inspiration!

The Cherry Tree said...

I cant believe I am just now reading my comments sorry ...thanks vicky!
I have been soo busy lately ...but things are slowing down and I hope to post a lot more