Sunday, March 2, 2008

Challenged ----all about me

I decided to take a challenge this weekend in on of my groups. The rules were as follows :

This challenge is to make a page about yourself. The catch is you can't use any pictures, (unless you draw them) no embellishments: such as stickers, ribbon, brads, eyelets, etc, and no papers. Everything must be written in your hand using pens and/or markers.

When I took this challenge I decided to do it because it is something I have been meaning to do forever, but never have the time because I am always doing swaps or scrappin the kids. I decided to really put my whole heart into it and to challenge myself artistically....think outside my normal symetrical box. Everything I do ( with exceptions to my paper piecings) is always very symetrical and "neat" I decided to throw all of that to the wind and be very random ...and crazy.

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