Friday, March 14, 2008

foster family pages

After watching Oprah the other day ( I know corny ) but I felt the need to come up with a "charity" project ( I hate that word ) I decided to start a swap within my scrap group online. The hostess ( me this time since I started it ) "adopts" a family in their local community. In this case I decided to adopt a foster care family from Liam's class. Well basically what we do is each person who signs up will make two premade scrapbook pages ( or more if they want ) for the family and then send it to the hostess ...the hostess then builds a premade scrapbook for them from the pages everyone made ( all they have to do is add their own pics ) . I chose a foster care family for a couple reasons . First reason because I would love to be able to be a foster mom. However we lack the room to take responsibilty for anymore children. Second reason I believe that it is definately an underappreciated job. It's my way of saying thankyou for being such an unbelievable person to take care of a child who has next to nothing.

The third reason takes a little back up story ...Back before Aj was born I worked at a local clothing store as a front desk manager ( I guess you would call it ). When I first worked there I met the most unbelievable person.( Angela ) The kind of person that you looked forward to seeing everyday. When your day was really shitty she always knew the right words to say. When we first met it felt like she had been my friend forever. Well we also worked with another lady who had an adorable little grand baby .(krissy) Angela couldnt have children herself :( so she adored this little girl. On more than one occasion she told me that she would love to adopt her ( because her parents had a ROCKY relationship and both had drug problems ) . Well as many of you already know from other blogs ....Angela died in a motorcycle accident on 4th of July. ( about 3 or 4 years ago)

Well just recently when I volunteered for my sons field trip I noticed that krissy was in his class. I found out that krissy now lived with foster parents temporarily while her parents get things straightened out. so in a small since I did this for Ang ....I love you girl !! I miss you a ton !!

Anyway here is one page for the scrapbook

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