Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good times Layout (Liam's album)

It's funny ...since I have signed up for these online groups I feel as though I have learned soooo much ...and grown in sooo many ways as far as my techniques are concerned. Not only have a leanred alot but I have gained more confidence ...allowing me to create layouts faster ...without worry if I am doing things the "right" way. I have learned there is NO right way

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

Scott Adams

Liam has really been growing alot lately....not only physically but mentally. He picks up the most random saying from the oddest of places. One of them has been "good times....good times!" I will never forget the first memorable time I heard him say it. The boys and I met Brian at Taco Bell for his lunch break ( we occasionally go have lunch with him when he is in town ) In their kids meal they got these little puzzle dice. Well for the next two days, they were liams favorite form of entertainment. A few days after our taco bell lunch, we were driving round town ( running errands) and Liam says to me " MOM guess what IIIII made ??? ( big pause ) I'll give you a hint ( another big pause ) It's not a pooper scooper!!! " LOL This statement just made me bust out in giggles. Liam starts laughing his biggest belly laugh ( he is in that phase, where they try out all different laughs ...) ...then he gives a big sigh ...and says " ahhh good times ....goooooood times!! "
So I created this layout

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